15 Signs of Flirting From Women

How do you spot signs of flirting and how many opportunities have you missed out on because you didn’t see them?

So let’s just say that you have been sitting on that bar stool for several hours now.

You have been eyeing that beautiful lady from across the room and you have been mustering up the courage to buy her a drink or say hello and start a conversation.

The problem is there’s this little voice inside of your head telling you that you just might humiliate yourself if you do so.

If your fear of embarrassment is the one thing that’s stopping you from meeting women, then you should do a little research first.

You have probably been reading different books and articles and you have heard your friends tell you that women are the most complicated creatures in the world.

Well, there might be some truth to that and it really would be no fun at all if women were just as simple as black or white.

It is our responsibility as men to decode and decipher women, and that includes spotting signs of flirting.

So when you are hanging out in bars or in any other place hoping to meet women, the first thing that you should be an expert at is knowing the different signs of women flirting.

Here are the top 15 signs of flirting from women:

1. She keeps glancing over
This is probably the easiest way to tell if she is also kind of checking you out and it’s one of the biggest signs of flirting. Do you notice her looking at you at about the same time that you glance her way?

Does she suddenly avert her gaze the moment you look at her? This is a sure signal for you to know that she might also be interested.

Get up and approach her. Offer her a drink. Tell her how much the dress she’s wearing compliments the color of her eyes.

Just make small talk and maybe, just maybe, you might score yourself a date for the next weekend.

2. She smiles at you
If you cannot take this as a sign of flirting then there must be something seriously wrong with you. This is the simplest and hardest sign to misinterpret.

If she’s twinkling her eyes and flashing her pearly whites then this is your clue to get up to her and talk to her. Really, this should not even be explained anymore.

3. She keeps walking your way
If the glancing over and the smiling are not enough, women who want to flirt with you will keep walking your way just to get you to notice her. This might not be one of the most obvious signs of flirting, but it’s one worth taking note of.

4. She asks for help
Women like to play the “damsel in distress” role. Men like to play the role of the hero. It’s always a win-win situation for both of you when she suddenly says “Excuse me, can you help me open my bottle of water?”

You get to play the knight in shining armor, you get to talk, then you end up asking for each other’s number.

5. She keeps twirling her hair
This means that she’s feeling just a wee bit conscious when you are in her presence. Always take that as a good sign. So if you have been sharing small talk for the past few minutes and you find her twirling her hair absentmindedly, this is your cue to keep on talking.

6. She starts touching you
When she starts invading your personal bubble then it means that she’s beginning to feel more comfortable around you.

It usually starts with a light friendly tap on the shoulder or on your arm. When she does this do not feel alarmed.

Just keep your cool and continue what you’re doing. Chances are, you are doing something right to make her want to flirt with you and touch you.

7. She laughs a lot
When a woman does her high-pitched laugh at the most trivial things that you say, that is an obvious sign that she’s interested.

Flirt back, say more silly things, and keep the laughter going. This is one of the more fun signs of flirting.

8. She pays you a compliment
Did she just say how well your jeans fit you? Did she just say that your tie goes well with your shirt?

When she says something nice about what you’re wearing that means she’s certainly paying attention.

9. She licks her lips
Watch out for sexual signs like this. Whether she’s playing with the straw on her drink or she keeps licking them every time she takes a sip from her drink, she’s obviously flirting with you.

10. She singles you out from the crowd
Women who are interested in you will corner you and make an effort to be alone with you.

Just make sure that you are ready with something fun and witty to say when she approaches you.

11. She uses phrases with double meanings
Heavy flirtations will always include sentences that have sexual undercurrents.

Watch out for this sign because if you’re not intuitive enough, you just might not get that she’s actually flirting back and you’ll miss one of the very subtle signs of flirting.

12. She maintains eye contact
A woman who’s flirting with you will look you in the eye when you’re talking.

This is her own way of saying that she’s genuinely interested and she wants you to keep engaging her in conversation.

13. She keeps fidgeting
Be mindful of little gestures like tossing her hair, toying around with her accessories, or playing with her drink.

These are obvious signs that she is flirting and she’s feeling a little bit self-conscious.

14. She tries to copy your body movements
There is an old saying that goes “imitation is the best form of flattery”.

So when you notice that she’s starting to copy the way you hold your drink, the way you position your arms on the table, or even the way you make gestures with your hands when you talk, it means that she’s really interested.

15. She can’t stop gushing
When a woman keeps ooh-ing and aah-ing and saying “awwww”, she’s trying to act cute.

She’s flirting with you heavily and she wants you to think that she’s interested in even the silliest things that you say.

Master these 15 flirting signs and pretty soon, your weekends and even week nights will be filled with date after date after date. Who knows?

You eventually might even end up with “the one”.

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