3 Top Tips On How To Trick A Girl Into Chasing You

Many guys don’t even realize that it’s possible to trick a girl into chasing you. Believe it or not, women are genetically programmed to pursue certain kinds of men. I refer to these guys as ‘players’.

Your first reaction might be to think of the stereotypical players portrayed in films. However, I am not referring to these types of guys.

Instead, I am referring to the type of men who always have women they can contact, any time of day or night.

Regardless of what hour it is, these men can bring out their phones, call one of their female companions, and persuade them to travel over to their house for sex.

I am not talking about ugly or overweight women either. These men are attracting ‘respectable women’.

The women you probably imagined could be marriage material. The women you thought would not be interested in men like that.

They are though. On a consistent basis, they pursue these guys. They go out of their way to satisfy these men in bed. Then, they end up in a relationship with them.

Why Nice Guys Always Finish Last

You may be wondering why some men find it so easy to seduce women, whereas other men only have limited success with girls their whole lives.

Well, you may find the reason surprising. The successful men have a different mindset to the majority of guys.

This has nothing to do with their physical appearance. It has no bearing on their mannerisms or ‘slickness’. And it definitely doesn’t have anything to do with the size of their salary.

Instead, it all comes down to their mentality.

One basic principle that you have to grasp, if you wish to improve your success with women, is that you are what you think.

In other words, all of your actions are determined by what goes on inside your head.

I’d like to provide you with an actual example of this principle at work in the world of dating.

If you believe that “girls dislike sex”, or that “I might make a girl feel uncomfortable if I hit on her”, your actions will reflect those beliefs.

In practice, this means that you will probably shy away from talking to a woman. You will conceal your physical attraction to her.

You will try to divert attention away from the fact that you would like to have sex with her.

Surprise surprise, women can sense this straightaway. She will pick up on your ‘shyness’. She will notice how lacking in confidence you are.

She will instinctively form the opinion that you would not be a good sexual partner.

Undoubtedly, all of your beliefs are embodied in your actions. Beliefs cause nervous mannerisms. Beliefs create needy behavior. Beliefs make you appear as if you are ‘desperate to get laid’.

For this reason, some men – irrespective of how much seduction advice they receive – never manage to improve.

It is not a question of memorizing pick up lines, or mastering body language techniques. It is all about what is going on between your ears.

Here’s a different example: In many cases, women are not attracted to players – at first. Often, women initially dismiss the advances of these types of men, even to the point of poking fun at them.

In all likelihood, you will have experienced this at one time or another.

A woman you knew re accounted a situation where a guy hit on her, but he wasn’t her ‘type’ so she blew him off….Then, shortly afterwards she screwed him, and did everything she could to form a long term relationship with him.

How the Correct Mindset can get you Laid

The guy in the above example realized that attraction is not a static state of affairs. Rather, it is a constantly moving target. He is at ease, even if a girl shows no sign of interest towards him.

He barely bats an eyelid when a girl resists him, or even when she straight up rejects him.

The player realizes that his role is to gradually position himself as an attractive proposition. He knew that it was unlikely that she would immediately fall into his arms.

He was already prepared for the fact that he would need to put some groundwork in, before any progress was made.

In contrast…The majority of men have the mistaken belief that women should fancy them straightaway.

And they are completely unprepared to deal with the period of time, after the initial meeting with a girl, where she is still in the process of making her mind up about them.

The Secret of how to Trick a Girl Into Chasing you

It is what happens during this period of time, after your initial meeting with a girl, that determines whether you will succeed or fail.

If you wish to experience more success with women, you have to start thinking about ‘attraction’ in a different way. Remember that all of your thoughts translate into actions.

And each choice you make sends a subtle signal to a girl that tells her whether you are worth bothering with or not….

Master the ability to control your beliefs… And essentially, you can control the way girls perceive you.

If this sounds like a daunting task, fear not. There are just seven basic belief differences that separate ‘players’ from average Joes.

Once you start thinking like these men, you will get the same success that they regularly enjoy.

I have disclosed how to adopt the player’s mindset and relay ‘positive social status signals’ to girls. This will make her want to pursue you, something that the average Joe can usually only dream of.

Follow this link, and find out exactly what it takes to act like a player. Acquiring this information is the foundation for all your future seduction efforts.

By taking the same attitude towards women that players take, you will instinctively make the same choices as them. This will work wonders for your sex life and self esteem, so don’t delay!

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