Get A Dog Then Get The Woman

I adopted my little girl almost 5 years ago and I literally cannot imagine a day without her. She is beautiful, well behaved, and incredibly smart – but more importantly, she is my best companion, forever loyal, and has given me so much more.

She is the reason that I have met countless people, had countless experiences and grown in countless ways. She is easily one of the most important pieces of my life and helping with girls are just one factor as to why having a dog is a MUST for any guy. I have 100 reasons that I love my little girl, here are my top 10!

10 reasons why you should adopt a dog

  1. Companionship! Never go on a walk alone, be at home alone, or road trip by yourself!
  2. Women will love the fact that you have a dog – they will often approach you to chat!
  3. Having a dog will make you happier
  4. Training and raising a dog will always give you something to do
  5. Everyone loves dogs – it will help you make friends with other dog owners and lovers
  6. Having a dog will motivate you to go on walks, hikes and runs to be more active
  7. It displays that you are responsible – especially if your dog is well trained -bosses, friends and girls all respect this.
  8. Dogs are awesome, and having a dog in your life will bring you friendship, happiness, and joy.
  9. It will teach you responsibility and a number of other paternal characteristics (patience, love, forgiveness)
  10. It helps you be more social – It doesn’t just help you meet more women, but just walking your dog around the block you are bound to run into other dog owners/lovers that want to chat. This helps you boost your social skills and helps you meet more people!

There is never a ‘good’ time to get a dog. JUST. DO. IT. That being said, adopting a dog is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. These are living creatures.

They cost money to take care of. They require lots of attention and care. But if you are up to it, I highly recommend you consider adopting a dog. Especially an older one, uglier one, or neglected one.

Those are usually the ones that are best behaved and give the most love. Do not buy from a dog breeder.

In addition to ethical issues, they tend to have higher issues of health related problems. No matter if you are looking for a puppy or older dog, please visit your local dog shelter before you head anywhere else.

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