How NOT to Speak to Women

Would you like to know what makes a girl run away? I’m willing to bet that you do. When you learn how not to speak to women, you can experience more success in your romantic endeavors.

Understanding the female mind is crucial, if you want to get a girl’s number and have her lusting after you from the outset.

So, what is my motivation for telling you this? Well, it depresses me how many men miss out on the chance to have a fulfilling love life, due to their lack of knowledge.

Regrettably, many guys fail to attract the women they really desire, simply because they approach things in the wrong way.

Avoid being just another guy who misses out on a great relationship with the woman of their dreams, simply because they uttered the wrong words. Familiarize yourself with the following phrases, and refrain from repeating them at all costs.

This will improve your chances of landing a date with the next hot woman you bump into.

Don’t say any of the Following Things:

“Here’s my number, call me if you get the time”

Let’s say you strike up a conversation with an attractive woman, and everything is going well. You discuss her interests and hobbies, you form a bond with her, and you sense- from how she looks at you – that she wants to take things further.

You demonstrated your manly confidence, by making the first move. She now believes that you are an alpha male, who will take her number, call her, then guide her through the courting process.

At this point, it would be fatal to say something like: “Take my number and call me when you can“. Of course, it can feel awkward to ask a woman for her number, particularly if you have only just met her.

However, if you give her your number, it comes across as a cop out. Women want guys who have the confidence to request their numbers, because no woman is attracted to weakness.

Indeed, telling a girl that she should call you when she has time, conveys a lot of insecurity. It suggests that you think she wouldn’t answer the phone, if you called her. As a man, you should always project the image of being in control. This means knowing how not to speak to women.

You need to state when you will call her, and then follow through on your assertion. If you lack the confidence to think that a woman would want to talk to you, don’t expect to attract a hot girl anytime soon.

“It’s your choice”

Assuming that you pass the test on your first meeting, you now have to arrange a date. You telephone her and, sure enough, she answers the phone.

At this stage, what do you think is going through her mind? Well, she wants you to man up, and tell her where you will be taking her and what time you will collect her.

Regrettably, I know many guys who mistakenly believe that it is gentlemanly to ask the girl where she wants to go.

They worry that they might appear too arrogant, old fashioned or chauvinistic, if they make the decision without asking.

I am not lying when I tell you that no girl on this planet wants to plan their first date. If you say something as seemingly innocuous as “It’s your choice“, you display indecision and poor leadership skills. Neither of these qualities are endearing to the opposite sex.

“I’m no gigolo”

Believe it or not, when a girl finds you attractive, she will put you through your paces to check whether you are boyfriend material.

Obviously, she will realize that you probably approach many women, particularly if you speak to her in a confident way.

Therefore, in all likelihood, she will test your seduction abilities.

She may say something like “I bet you enjoy playing the field“, or “I guess you are very experienced with girls“.

What is the best way to respond? Well, you should certainly refrain from being defensive or apologetic, by denying that you are a womanizer and claiming that her assumptions are false.

That’s an example of how not to speak to women. A self assured man doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone.

He remains composed and outgoing, while implying that he is a Casanova, because he realizes that women are drawn to his charisma.

“Was that one of your friends?”

Thankfully, you kept your cool when she questioned your track record with women. You responded in a way that appealed to her, and you ensured that your first date was a memorable occasion for both of you.

Your subsequent two dates also went well, and you started seeing her regularly. Before the sound of wedding bells start ringing in your ears though, there’s just one problem: Whenever she speaks to another man on the telephone, you ask “Was that one of your friends?“, in a worried tone of voice.

Surprise surprise, you are within inches of allowing the green eyed monster to ruin a perfectly good relationship. Do not assume that, because your partner speaks to members of the opposite sex, she is being unfaithful. Even if you question her in a friendly way, she will be aware of your insecurities and fear of losing her nonetheless.

“Without you, I can’t survive”

Undoubtedly, it is great to be in a stable relationship with a beautiful woman. For this reason, I always advocate that it is fine to tell your partner you love her (assuming that you really do).

Notwithstanding, one thing I don’t recommend is telling your other half that you can not survive without her.

While this might sound good in films, in real life you will harm your relationship over the long term.

Women want to have loving partners, but they do not want to be fearful that their boyfriends will commit suicide, if they decide to break up with them.

Never resort to emotional blackmail, and your girlfriend won’t want to leave you in the first place.

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