How To Flirt With A Sensitive Girl

Although you may think of yourself as a flirting expert, it is quite likely that your experiences have been with jovial and outgoing girls.

Flirting is a very playful act; therefore, it is inherently more challenging to flirt with a girl who is considered sensitive. A lighthearted banter could quickly become sour.

Below are some guidelines on how to flirt with a sensitive girl:

Recognizing that the Girl is Sensitive

There are a lot of shy girls who are sensitive and a number of sensitive girls are shy. However, there are times when the two categories do not overlap. Within a conversation or two, shyness can be conquered but the temperament of a sensitive girl is more lasting. It is highly likely that you will encounter women who are sensitive on a daily basis.

If you see her on a regular basis, it is not hard to recognize if a classmate or colleague is highly sensitive. It is quite unlikely that you would find a sensitive girl hanging out at a club. There are two reasons for this; you would probably be unable to identify her in that setting and the overlap between shyness and sensitivity.

I Will Not Be One-night-stand Type of Situation

Typically, sensitive women are more in touch with their feelings and they prefer to get involved in a meaningful relationship. If your aim is to have a quick fling, then you would be better off pursuing a more carefree girl.

Only when there is a possibility for an actual relationship should you try to go in pursuit of a sensitive girl. Her sensitivity could raise some red flags; however, there are benefits to be derived from a woman who intensely experiences her feelings.

Be Authentic

Sensitive women are typically intuitive as it relates to judging others. A girl who is sensitive will recognize when you are putting on an act. Nodding and smiling are behaviors that normally help in the progression of a conversation but they should be avoided when dealing with a sensitive girl.

Showmanship, which is typically a good tool when flirting, should be avoided in this case. It is always good to make eye contact but in this case it is even more ideal.

Avoid Teasing and Build Rapport

Perhaps the number one flirting technique in your inventory is playful banter; however, another approach will be required for a sensitive girl. She will view teasing as mean and it may be quite upsetting to her. Bypass the teasing and go for other inoffensive jokes.

Engage Her at Her Level

Do not engage her on a level that could be considered shallow if she is the serious type, this will get you nowhere. Flirting is typically highly superficial; however, with a person who is sensitive, it is best to engage in both serious conversation and lighthearted banter in the same interaction. By doing so, you will show her that you have more than just a passing interest in her. Additionally, she will recognize that she can have deep conversations and share her feelings with you.

Good luck! 🙂

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