How To Flirt With Women

Learning how to flirt with women is as much a life skill as it is a game changer, but it is certainly not easy. Talking to strangers is pretty difficult. Asking for directions can be unnerving, let alone talking to a beautiful girl.

There are a lot of people who do not know how to flirt properly or just do it all. They also do not know how to chat with girls.

Whether you are new to the flirting game or looking to brush up on your game, here are some helpful tips to help you learn how to flirt with women.

Check If She’s Interested

Sure you had seen her from afar and she got your attention. Any eye contact or smile is a green light to approach. Make sure you don’t wait anymore than 3 seconds to approach.

Make this your new rule and this will help with approach anxiety. If you wait longer than 3 seconds, this signals a lack of confidence on your part. When it comes to learning how to flirt with women, time is of the essence.

Oust the Pick-Up Lines

When beginning the conversation, avoid the cheesy pick-up lines that you heard in movies and online. This is real life, not a romantic comedy movie or series. And besides, she may have already heard it.

Pickup lines are super corny, you can open the conversation with any situational opening. If your behind a girl in the grocery store, ask her about something she has in her cart.

Ask her where she got her shoes for your sister, ask her what time it is or for directions. It really doesn’t matter, the idea is that you break the conversation barrier in a non threatening way.

Playfully Tease Her

Playful teasing is a good way to begin a conversation and also to make a good impression on her. Showing that you are fun and funny can keep any girl interested. However, make sure it is not offensive.

Just keep it light. Negging is a frequently used theory but I’ve seen guys take it to far.

The premise of negging is offering low grade insults versus complimenting her (which in theory, a beautiful girl has heard hundreds of time over the course of her life).

If done right, it can be very effective, just make sure not to take it too far. Think ‘lighthearted teasing’ as the phrase that you want to adopt when you are learning how to flirt with women.

Conversation and Maintaining the Flow

Too much small talk tends to get boring. Therefore, try pulling her into an interesting conversation and ask her opinion on whatever you are talking about. Much of the attraction between two people lies in compatibility.

Thus, if the conversation veers into a boring topic or into silence, then things will quickly go south.

Allow her to talk about things that interest her and be attentive. Insert acknowledgements and opinions within the flow of the conversation and listen for any gaps in which you can add your own views.

Be a Gentleman

Humor can make you grasp the attention of the girl. But being a gentleman can make any girl feel comfortable around you. No girl or woman wants to talk to a man who is disrespectful.

It annoys a girl whenever she is being disrespected especially by a stranger. Aside from that, showing you are a gentleman can make yourself not only appealing but also trustworthy.

Trust can make the girl keep up a conversation with you and also keep coming back for more talks with you.

Basically, just be yourself. When you approach her, don’t forget to smile! This will give her a calming vibe and will omit any predator impression on you.

This also similar to chatting with them via online dating or social media. If she reacts like she is interested and even flirts back, then you got her where you want it.

Just keep the conversation up and make sure to get her  number before it ends.

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