How To Get Hotter Girls in 5 Quick Steps

Learning how to get hotter girls is more about technique and mindset than it is your looks or social status.

You don’t need to have a magical spell to make hotter girls fall in love with you, but it helps tip the scales in your favor if you learn a few simple techniques on how to get a hot girlfriend.

Forget about Leagues

The biggest hindrance from getting any girl you want is you, yes I said it. You have to put off that switch in your head that tells you that a girl is way out of your league and that she can never be attracted to you.

Being attractive doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the most attractive guy on the block but it’s more about confidence, mindset, attitude and vibe.

The moment you start looking down upon yourself, you have already conceded defeat.

The wrong mindset will steer you in the wrong direction. You will make excuses not to approach the girl, not to go to the next level, to give up the moment the girl doesn’t get back to you.

Even worse, you will be wondering why you should keep her around after trying already.

No guy who scores hot girls or knows how to get hotter girls has it in his head that they are out of his league, and at the very least he never shows anyone that he feels that way.

Anything that puts the idea in your head that you are down low on whatever scale is negative energy you can live without.

Start giving out your number

Hot girls are always attracted to guys who are confident and don’t come off as desperate. When you ask a girl for her number, there is often a real shift in the power dynamic of the interaction.

Most times, you can come off as a desperate. Well, asking for her number is absolutely fine if you have already gotten her into the comfort zone by building good rapport and sexual tension.

On the other hand, giving out your number is a whole different idea. It completely flips the script and has higher chances of producing results even from a nearly awkward interaction with a girl.

It clearly sends a message to the girl that she has the option to call you and if she doesn’t, life still goes on. You have plenty of options.

It is a brilliant technique. Hot girls are used to being put on a pedestal and giving out your number, you tend to stand out from the crowd.

You are telling her that you think she’s hot and attractive while simultaneously eliminating any desperate vibe. If she calls, you know she’s interested.

Turn yourself into the decider

Adopt the right attitude.

Who believe you are and who you present to the world aimed at women you find attractive will easily change even casual interactions into interactions where you are seen as dynamic and interesting.

This means you can be flirty and have fun, but in the long run, you are the one testing these girls.

One of the biggest mistakes guys make when approaching beautiful girls is thinking that it is their job to get her to like you. This creates pressure to be perfect. Relax and take it easy.

Another useful tip is to be picky. You don’t need to settle for less. Keep high standards. Only go after girls you really and sincerely find attractive.

Have the confidence of a great white shark

It’s really not all that difficult to improve your self confidence. It goes without saying that women are attracted to alpha males.

The alpha male is most often assumed, by other men, to be the best looking or having a great deal of wealth.

Truth is, there is nothing further from the truth. The most important attribute that defines the alpha male is confidence.

Have you ever asked yourself why there is always that guy with not much going on when it comes to looks or money but always has hot girls by his side? The answer is confidence.

This is a highly attractive trait which is why confident men find themselves going home with the hottest girls in the club.

The key to success is to have no fear about approaching girls. Flirt with them, have fun and you will be surprised at how easy it is.

There is a lot of talk about the funny/cocky attitude out there. Its a great attitude to begin with and tweak it from there to make it work for you.

How to get hotter girls by establishing attraction

Attraction is more of a process as opposed to a one off event. As you are talking to a hot girl, try to be engaging and concentrate on the present. Do this and the outcome will take care of itself.An easy way to go about this is to embrace your inner masculinity by being comfortable enough to say what’s truly on your mind instead of what you think you should be saying.

Think of how you can have the most fun with the conversation. We always tend to be around people we have the most fun with so try to work your way around being that guy.

Letting girls know that you find them sexually attractive, that you are interested in them, in a flirty and fun way will change everything.

You can build some comfort with casual conversation and then push into other personal topics.

Figuring out her interests and passions makes it easier for you to know what topics to talk about.

Let her know you have sexual chemistry. And when you are building that valuable chemistry, make sure she feels the spark, the sexual excitement that comes when we meet someone special.

A couple of unique charming lines can do the trick. Jog your mind and come up with a line or two meant to tease her and ease the tension.

Be original and adopt your lines or jokes to the situation. Let your imagination run free and something will naturally come to you.

Techniques or plays are not exactly my cup of tea, but some work like magic.

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