How to Get That First Kiss in 6 Sure Fire Steps

For many men, it can be difficult to figure out how to approach women. For others, there might be other problems that they experience, such as figuring out how to phone number close or how to get that first kiss.

In fact, more people have first kiss horror stories than they care to recall, and this, in turn, will end up negatively affecting their entire performance.

The fact of the matter is, however, that there are many ways to get that first kiss, and that a lot of the fear is unnecessary, because once you learn the proper signs, everything else becomes second nature.

Feel it Out

The more you talk to someone and get to know them, the easier it becomes to feel out the moment and figure out where you two are headed.

Even after just meeting someone, a good encounter will always take on a life of its own. You two will find that you are hitting it off great, and suddenly the fear of a first kiss is far in the back of your mind.

When that happens, all that you have to do is trust your gut instinct. Chances are that she wants you to kiss her as much as you do. Many of the ways to get a first kiss involve just a little bit of confidence.

When you know how the situation is moving, you can get that kiss sooner than you think. However, if you’re not sure, you still have options based on how the conversation and interaction itself is moving.

Feel More Confident

I know it sounds like it is easier said than done, but all that you have to do is have more confidence, and the kiss will just happen by itself.

Boys are the ones who shuffle their feet and glance around the room, or stare at their shoes, or just generally avoid eye contact before they dart in for a kiss.

This is not the right way to kiss, and both you and the woman will be caught off guard in a bad way.

The interaction will usually not go much further than that. Men, on the other hand, will always look a woman in her eyes, and she will know that he wants to kiss her.

Once that type of eye contact is made, all that you have to do is lean in and risk that little moment for a kiss.

Being timid will get you nowhere, while being confident will always get you where you need to go.

Watch Her Eyes

Eye contact actually works both ways in this situation.

You should always be watching her eyes to see if there are any certain signs that you can see for that window of opportunity.

One of the most telltale signs of a woman wanting to be kissed is if she is looking from your eyes to your lips, and back again.

This is one of the most powerful indicators of interest, because the woman will watch your lips and want them against hers.

This might be a subconscious maneuver, or she might be completely aware that she is doing it, and is hoping that you can follow the signs well enough to act on both of your desires.

Always be sure to watch for these signs, as they will let you know when and how to move. A little bit of perception can go a long way.

Try Other Types of Contact

Kissing is a highly intimate form of touching. Even if you are getting along great with this woman, you want to make sure that you do not cross any boundaries with a sudden kiss.

One of the best ways to make sure that you are reading the moment correctly is to ease into the kiss with a little bit of ordinary contact.

Make sure that you have touched her shoulder or her hand at some point during your conversation or flirting, and think about how she reacted.

If you have not touched her yet, then take her hand before you look into her eyes. You do not even need to do anything too special with the hand, just gently hold it and look her in the eye. Immediately, in that moment, you will be able to pretty clearly tell if she wants you to kiss her.

Begin with a Smaller Cheek Kiss

Another great way to see if you should kiss her lips is to work your way up.

Cuddling and closeness may have already occurred at some point during the conversation, so placing a kiss on her temple or kiss can be an even better way to ease into a more intimate type of kiss.

The kiss on the cheek is a very casual and adorable act. It can be a great way to lighten the mood and help her relax, especially if the moment will feel more complete with such a kiss.

Not only is it an appropriately gentle display of affection, but it will show her that you are specifically into her, and not into later prospects.

Kiss her on the cheek and watch the way she reacts, and then base your other actions on what you think will be appropriate after the moment.

Whisper Into Her Ear to Get That First Kiss

Just like kissing her on her cheek, a whisper will be a romantic and gentle way to let her know that you want to take things in a more intimate direction.

You do not have to even say anything particularly romantic, just the presence of your breath on her ear will be a clear indicator of direction. It is a soft, seemingly insignificant gesture that can speak volumes in the way that she reacts.

In fact, some women will often lead the kiss themselves if the conversation has been moving in the right direction, and you show increasing contact with her.

As with anything, however, always be sure to watch for her flirting signs, and avoid dwelling on things if they do not go the way you want. There will always be other moments, waiting for you to seize them.

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