How To Pick Up Girls On Facebook in 8 Easy Steps

The first thing to know about picking up girls online is that everyone does it so relax and don’t feel self conscious at all. The trick is to learn how to pick up girls on Facebook.

Actors, actresses, politicians, teenagers, middle-aged car salesmen. It’s like smiling at the pretty girl behind a department store counter. Remember this and stay confident because attractive girls are drawn to that. It’s just how it’s done now so don’t let anyone tell you it’s weird or uncool. The only thing that can be weird or uncool about it is if you make it that way.

Here’s how to pick up girls on Facebook like a winner while avoiding any awkwardness.

Step 1

Clean out your own Facebook profile first. You don’t want to get rejected because of some stupid or thoughtless posts or actions from a long time ago. Delete posts that could be a turn off, like photos from when you were much younger. Delete photos that could be potentially embarrassing in any way unless they have some kind of redeeming quality that makes you seem funnier and more likeable.

For example, delete your drunk photos that are unattractive but keep the ones where you’re doing something with friends that make you look like a ton of fun to be around. If you have photos with your ex-girlfriends, girls in bikinis or just girls hanging off your arm, delete them or make them private.

If you’ve added a bunch of barely-clothed girls, unfriend them or make a new page or account to pick up girls. The last thing you want is to come across as a player. Take it from me, most girls won’t waste time on you when they see this stuff.

Step 2

Pick the right girl or girls. Don’t just go in there randomly and start adding friends and sending messages based on profile pictures alone.

Sure, that will get you a few accepted requests and a reply or two for every dozen or two dozen girls you add. But it will also get you flagged for spam requests that could temporarily freeze your account.

It’s also less likely to get you to the next step because these girls will assume you’re picking pretty girls at random and trying to see who responds.

Step 3

Do this instead. Find girls in your area or girls with common interests by narrowing down your search. Do you want to date someone where you live currently? Would you rather have a fling with someone in the city you’ll be traveling to in the near future?

Find groups and pages related to that and then go through them to find girls you’re interested in.

Step 4

Start slow. Find your way into her world. Don’t just throw yourself in it because girls freak out very easily when you go too fast, especially when you’re a total stranger online.

Instead of sending her a Facebook poke or a friend request, comment on something she’s commented on. Make it about her post and not about her appearance.

She’ll feel like you noticed her personality and a rom-com montage will start playing in her head if it’s at all funny or charming.

Girls are always secretly hoping romantic stuff like that will happen to them. Present yourself as that kind of guy and it will make them put their guard down immediately.

Step 5

Keep the conversation going by playing it cool. Three things are key to be charming. Be witty. Be funny. And be cool in the sense that don’t make it come across like you’re trying. That means don’t flatter her outright. Even if you agree with her and support her in your comment, make it like it’s just a matter of fact like you do.

Don’t flatter her looks because it’s not time for that yet. When you do that later, it’ll seem like you just happened to notice them way later, long after you noticed her mind.

Don’t reply immediately to everything. Making her wait gives her time to think about it and to wonder about you. Seeming too available or like you’re always online obviously makes a dent in your chill factor so avoid that.

Step 6

Once you’ve got a conversation going, you can take the next step. If she hasn’t done so herself by now, send her a message or a friend request.

You can start with either one. If you’re not sure if you want to invest more time, go for the friend request. This will allow you to go through her photos and see if she’s worth it.

It will also give you access to her friends list, her interests, her posts and her thoughts so you can get to know her better before you continue in private messages.

Step 7

Once you’re in her friends list, use that to your advantage. Comb through her profile and get to know her intimately. Read her statuses and posts going way back.

Be careful not to like anything old so she doesn’t think you’re stalking her but do invest time in doing this so you get to know her likes, dislikes, the things that annoy her so you don’t make any mistakes.

Step 8

Flirt with her. This is totally different from what old-school flirting used to be. It feels childish but trust me, everyone does it no matter how cool they are and it definitely works.

It’s also low-risk and low-effort compared to flirting face to face and you get to easily find out if the girl wants to flirt back. Like whatever new things she posts like statuses and profile pictures.

Don’t like every single post because over-enthusiasm is a turn off. Between 50% to 70% is safe. Flirt with emojis and emoticons. Some of them can be very suggestive. See if she’s receptive to them or returns them.

You would be surprised how those things can take a conversation and turn it into something heavy.

Then you know you’re in…

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