Tips On Flirting With Girls Via Text — A Comprehensive Guide For A Fun & Flirty Experience

Remember the time when flirting was possible only by personally meeting the girl? Now guys need to search far and wide for tips on flirting with girls via text.

Letters were fine for long, sensuous, and romantic messages. Yes, you could flirt over the phone but calling a girl ten times a day was the fastest way to put her off by coming across as desperate, needy, and more than a bit creepy.

So, the only option you had for some harmless flirting was to setup a personal meeting.

Well, things have changed today, and they certainly have changed for the better. If you love to flirt, then you ought to put your hands together for the person who invented text messaging.

Flirting via text is so easy. Short, sweet, concise, and yet so much potential for hidden meanings and messages — a text message is the perfect alternative to boring letters and inconvenient phone calls.

Of course, flirting with women over text messages won’t be fun unless you know how to proceed. And believe me, learning how to flirt with a girl via text is not as easy as it sounds.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it sounds as far as women are concerned. That is what makes them so attractive, right? Read ahead for some really useful tips on flirting with girls via text messages.

Something Made Me Think about You

A movie, a song, a dance, even the way a cute baby on the street smiled at you — tell her that something just happened to you that made you think about her.

When flirting with women over text, it is important to make her curious. So, don’t just reveal what made you think about her. Let her ponder over the possibilities. Pique her curiosity and make her respond seeking more information.

You need to understand how women think. She will analyze herself on the basis of the experience that made you think about her.

Men don’t think like that but women surely do. So, now that you have initiated flirting via text, it is time to move to the next step.

Tell Her about Your Experience

A good guy and a gentleman would say something chivalrous and polite. You, my dear friend, are a flirt. So, don’t try to be too much of a nice guy. Come up with something that will surprise her and throw her off balance.

Something like “I saw a little girl bossing over her baby brother in the most adorable manner” is going to confuse her completely. Bossing is bad. Doing it in an adorable manner with the baby brother is good. So, am I bad or good?

Flirting with women over text is all about being naughty and taking her on a ride filled with emotional highs and lows. Your message should impress her and make you more attractive than before.

Tips on Flirting With Girls via Text 101

Combine the above-mentioned strategy with these useful pointers and guidelines. Before proceeding any further, remember that flirting is not about romance, love, relationship, or commitment.

Nope. It’s just about having some fun.  If a flirting via text tactic doesn’t work, then simply shrug it off and move ahead.

Send playful and humorous messages that don’t need her to reply. Flirting is not about having a dialogue. It is about saying what you want to say and nothing else.

Flirting with women over text can be tough because there is no scope for including nonverbal cues in your message.

So, try to go over the top as far emotions are concerned. SHOUT IT OUT. Stick your tongue out with :P. Be yourself, and more importantly, don’t be apologetic about it.

Exaggerate shamelessly. “I saw a girl boss her brother” is just not going to work when flirting via text.

Cute, awesome, adorable, glorious, breathtakingly beautiful — let your words create a bright and impressive picture in her mind.

Don’t lose sight of your goal. Why are you flirting with women over text? If it’s because you want them to agree to a date, then make you don’t bogged down by routine and boring topics.

Don’t want to talk about what you are doing? Just ignore it. Just select any other subject at random. Don’t bother if it comes across as rude.

Chances are high that your approach will make her even more curious about knowing more about you.

Knowing how to flirt with a girl via text is about knowing when to respond and when not to respond. She sent you a boring reply. Just shut up and wait for her to react.

Nobody wants to flirt with a needy and lonely guy. Flirting must be awesome and totally fun.

So, flirting via text must be done only when you are in a good mood. Feeling down? Hit the treadmill and burn it up. Don’t go soppy on your flirty friend.

Every message is a potential opportunity to flirt. Planning on meeting her in the evening? Ask her whether her numerous fans and boyfriend candidates will let her get away on time.

A single sentence that puts you above them all, and yet makes her think about your confidence.

Know when to cross the line. Everybody, I repeat, everybody likes getting a dirty message. You just need to know her well enough before taking the plunge.

Flirting with women over text that never leads to dirty talk is like a meal where the main course never follows the appetizers. Don’t hurry, but don’t be too slow either.

Don’t bore her. It is called short messaging service for a reason. Planning on writing a book? Get off the phone because flirting with women over text must be short, sweet, precise, and to the point.

Learning how to flirt with a girl via text is not like learning how to fly a rocket. You won’t come crashing down just because you messed up.

Don’t focus on the reply, on her reaction, or what she may think. Instead, focus on having fun. Go ahead and amuse yourself.

Flirting may lead to a date. However, that doesn’t mean the date should be the ultimate goal of every flirty conversation.

Such an approach is likely to put her off. Instead, be cool and continue flirting until she just can’t resist the idea of asking you out.

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