Top 5 Most Famous And Recognized Pick Up Artists

Pick up artists appear to know everything when it comes to the world of romance but what can you learn from them?

The world of seduction is full of emerging trends when it comes to dating and getting the most beautiful, adorable and gorgeous beauties.

There are many pick up artists who use language in clear eloquence and crafty manner to win the hearts of many other celebrities and renowned actresses, models and famous faces in the limelight.

It is important to know the skills these men use to perfectly get the attention of any kind of woman no matter her class and levels of prominence. Here are the 5 most famous pick up artists who are highly skilled to perfectly get any woman no matter how “hard-to-get” she claims to be.

1. Eric Von Markovich A.K.A Mystery

Eric is famous for his boldness; charisma and humorous nature that has greatly helped him in making it to the limelight as a perfect well composed and great pick up artist of the 21st century.

He uses humor combined with vast knowledge of world affairs to get the attention of beautiful ladies.

He uses a systematic approach that is pure and smart in getting the best of women. Through the use of speed seduction hypnosis style, he has made it in the game of finely tuning ladies to his game. He manages to use a combination of attraction, comfort stage and seduction stage to hit his mystery lines known as Mystery Method.

2. Matador

Known as Mysteries wing man in the VH1’s series, matador is known to use effective approach when it comes to the game of seduction. As a top 5 pickup artist, he has been very instrumental in winning the hearts of many famous celebs that many other men fear to dare approach.

He may have started as a cocky jerk, but he finally made it to the list with his use of a perfect suave style which is a fine smooth counter intuitive approach to win at any woman.

3. Tyler Durden The Master of Pick Up Artists

Recognized as a master of PUA, Tyler is famous for his analytical seduction style that works to his benefit at all times. He breaks at the right time and lays his facts and witty in the most interesting manner than any other guy.

He has his own seduction company known as Real Social Dynamics and it is doing well when it comes to swooping women down to their feet.

Through the combination of mystery’s teachings, he has managed to come up with his own teaching from his own crew.

4. Gambler

He owns the PUA Training Company and it is now the biggest seduction company located in Europe. He has managed to use the world best seducers in his company to get finest of beauties.

He uses a combination of modern techniques together with older ways to win the hearts of many women out there.

Use Gamblers technique if you are dying to love a certain celeb and you will get her under your arms simply and effortlessly.

5. Neil Strauss A.K.A. Style

As the author of The Game, Strauss wins it all the time when it comes to the seduction game. He has perfect illustrations of the best pick up lines that every woman dies to hear.

His book has helped many to know seduction skills which work to their advantage. He learned from Mystery the godfather of PUA, but later came up with his own effective skills.


It’s time to use these skills from the best seducers in the world and you will definitely get your dream woman, master their tactics and skills of getting the best women and you will become a guru in the dating and seduction game.

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