What Are Some Good Things To Say When You Are Flirting With A Girl?

It’s not always easy knowing what sorts of things to say when you are flirting and getting it wrong can sometimes be worse than not saying anything at all.

Pity the guy who comes on too strong and talks to a woman’s breasts instead of her face, the one who opens with a cheesy line and a leering grin. Ever wonder how certain guys are able to hit all the right notes with women?

While good looks help, you need to know some of the good things to say when you are flirting with a girl.

You need charisma and the right set of personality traits, as well as a good sense of humor and good manners to pique their interest.

Gone are the days when buying drinks and cheesy come–ons ruled the dating scene.

Flirting is an incredibly powerful and fast way to attract a girl. A few flirting tips can grammatically improve any guy’s ability to flirt successfully. Unfortunately, many men struggle with it.

Finding the right thing to say when flirting with a girl can be difficult and confusing. For certain men it comes naturally.

For others, it takes a lot of time and effort to get into the right mind–set. Flirting with a woman without sounding or coming across as creepy can be a difficult art to master.

Why you should Learn How to Flirt

If you want to arouse a girl’s interest and make her want to know more about you, you need to learn how to flirt.

You can be a winner in the dating game if you follow a few simple tips. Flirting is partly determined by biology, partly hard–wired, partly cultural, partly a consciously chosen act, and partly something that is learned.

Flirting helps you know whether the girl you are hitting on is interested in you. At the same time, it sends a signal that you are interested in her.

When two people flirt, they finding out more about each other while opening up and revealing things about themselves.

Once you’ve gotten her thinking about you in a romantic, fun way, you will be a lot closer to taking your desires out of your imagination and into the real world.

Where Most Men Fail

My mom used to tell me that when I was a little dude, before I could even talk, when she would take me out and go shopping at the mall, I used to coo and smile at all the pretty girls who passed by, and get very cute and flirty with the ones who came over.

I guess I started young. However, as it turns out, most of the flirting done by kids is done by girls. While little boys are running around and fooling around, girls are looking at the boys, gossiping, talking, and flirting.

This trend accelerates as they get older.

This results in girls who are, somewhat, more mature very good at flirting, and boys who aren’t. As a result, when most guys try to flirt with a girl, it comes out overly direct and clumsy.

Most of us just don’t know how to be subtle, or how to excite and tease girls the way they know how to tease and excite us.

Of course, just like many guys lack subtlety, others never think to use chase frames when flirting. Those two are the main reasons why most of us fail at flirting.

Some Good Things to say when you are Flirting with a Girl

This is not a comprehensive guide on how to flirt with a woman. That subject is too huge to cover in a single article. This article will cover the most effective flirting techniques that will help you win her over.

• Confidence
You have most likely been in a situation where you were fairly sure that a girl likes you and is interested in knowing more about you.

Maybe she was smiling at you and giving you a lot of eye contact, or maybe she confessed to a friend that she thinks you’re cute. However, when she was right in front of you, you froze.

You had no idea what to say or how to make a move. Most guys have gone through this.

When making your first move on a girl, you should remain confident. However, there is a difference between confidence and aggressiveness. In addition, do not doubt yourself too heavily or lapse into self–depreciation while speaking with her.

She should get the impression that you are comfortable with her and that you want to be speaking with her. All flirting mindsets and techniques will not work if you cannot show confidence while talking to her.

• Jump Into a Conversation and Maintain the Flow
Too much small talk tends to get boring. Therefore, try pulling her into an interesting conversation and ask her opinion on whatever you are talking about.

Much of the attraction between two people lies in compatibility. Thus, if the conversation veers into a boring topic or into silence, then things will quickly go south.

Allow her to talk about things that interest her and be attentive. Insert acknowledgments and opinions within the flow of the conversation and listen for any gaps in which you can add your own views.

Check out Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy, it’s a great product that goes more in-depth about conversing with women and it’s actually really good.

• Compliments
You should compliment her on things which you can use as conversation pieces.

However, you need to insert the compliment at an appropriate place within the conversation.

For example, if she mentions her interests, accomplishments, career, outfit, or hair, compliment her on it as she mentions it in the conversation.

You should compliment her on her looks after you have begun to feel more comfortable with each other and have established rapport; otherwise, you may come off as predatory.

In addition to complimenting her, you should do the following:

• Tease her to get the conversation to a fun, flirtatious level.• Tell her funny stories, but don’t be preoccupied with trying to be too funny.
• Express your opinion and make statements to prevent the conversation from sounding like an interview.
• Use conversation games, such as truth or dare, to maintain the fun and flirtatious mood.
• Do not compliment her too much.
• Talk about emotional topics, such as childhood memories, future ambitions, or stories about overcoming certain obstacles.

These are just a few of the good things to say when you are flirting with a girl. If you want to move to the nest level with the girl you like, you must know the kinds of things to say to her.

However, try not to take the conversation too deep too fast. If the relationship moves forward, you will have plenty of time to reveal your deeper thoughts and feelings.

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