What To Do When She Doesn’t Respond?

It is a horrible feeling when you are interested in a lady and she does not respond to you. Knowing what to do when she doesn’t respond can make all the difference in the world.

It is just a terrible feeling when you are chatting to a girl that you met recently and you suddenly get no response from her when you message or call her.

You might be using a service like okCupid or Tinder, or you might have actually already met in person – either way, it is just not cool when she ignores you.

Many guys will just give up and move on when this happens, which might be good advice, if you really do not want to see her again.

On the other hand, if you really do want to continue seeing or talking to this special girl, you might want to try a bit harder to make that happen.

If you have a buddy that has a possible solution for your problem, feel free to take his advice. He most likely only has your best interest on his mind.

After all, not every girl who does not respond right away is necessarily “lost” forever. There is always a chance to get a response, especially if you do not give up.

What to do when she doesn’t respond to you

There will obviously be times when you are getting along great and then suddenly she just stops communicating with you. This can be especially suspect and hurtful.

You need to realize a few things before jumping to conclusions, especially if your last message to her was to ask her out on a date. Do not panic immediately.

1. The lady who you desperately want to respond to your advances also has a life. She is a person, who most likely has a full-time job and loads of messages, emails and so forth to deal with on a daily basis.

She might just not have had time to respond yet. Believe it or not, but girls also have lives and things to do.

2. What can you really lose if you do take a chance? Nothing!

The only possible guarantee that you will never have the chance to sleep with this girl, is if you give up. You may just surprise yourself with the outcome if you try again.

By not taking another few shots at it, you 100% guarantee failure. Right, now that you know why you should take another couple of try’s, here are the basic rules for doing so.

1. Wait a bit dude!

You need to leave it alone for at least a day or three before you can really tell if she has not responded. If she did, you know that she was busy with something else.

Basically, the 2-3 day rules is BS, but if you really like the girl, you will be willing to do this in order to see if you do in fact have another chance.

Weekends do not count! If you contact her on a Friday and do not hear back from her, wait until at least Tuesday before contacting her again.

It is very important that you choose when you contact her again, which is exactly why you should not do it on a weekend. You look much more desperate if you try and call her over the weekend.

Trying to reconnect between Tuesday’s and Thursday’s are the best time to do so. Try sending her a message in the middle of the day – it creates a element of surprise.

2. Be exciting!

When the time comes that you do contact her again, do not sound as though you are offended, hurt or vulnerable in any way by the fact that she never responded yet.

Of course you will feel like that, but do not make that obvious to her. You can put it in there somewhere though.

Never start off with things like “hey, what happened to you?“. What you should rather do is be flirty, upbeat and playful. Be cool about all that you do and say to her. Through in a joke or two if possible.

A couple of good come back lines for when you contact her again:

1. For some reason the ladies love it when you call them spies – not 100% sure why, but it sure did work for me on more than one occasion.

2.Hi, please let me know if you have already been taken! I ask because I have been waiting so long to go all Liam Neeson on someone“.

3.So, am I dead or not? Please say that you can speak to the dead?” And then laugh really loud!

4.Please say that you just went on an epic adventure with the girls.

5.Girl, if we do not start communicating, we will need to see a marriage councilor soon.

Believe it or not, I really did use this last line on the lady that I am currently dating. I used this line on her before we went on our first date – it took two days before she got back to me.

We met and then just continued with the whole marriage thing. It became a joke between the two of us. I came up with new marriage-related business before I saw her the next time.

She actually stood me up twice before we got to go on the first date and I really thought that this was it. I figured that I could not lose anything by asking her out again and she did respond this time.

She told me that she had gone on a spontaneous trip with a few of her girlfriends, she even had pictures to prove it.

After my last text message to her, we finally went on our first date and she is the girl that I have been with since that day – proof that it can work!

It can never hurt to take a chance in life.

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