What We Women Really Think About Men’s Dick Size

Hey guys, Its Natasha and Kelly here, pleased to meet you.

We always hear you men say you like girls with ‘big tits’

Well, guess what guys – we girls are just the same when it comes to penis size!

Most of us women like a guy with a fairly big dick. And by that I mean 6 inches+

Ok, we will maybe sometimes tolerate anyone who’s under 6 inches…but we mean ‘tolerate’ lol

Maybe your girlfriend is just ‘tolerating’ your dick size? 😉

Anyway, last year I came across Ryan McLanes dick enlargement program and I discreetly sent my boyfriend in the direction of that site. lol

He got the hint and snapped it up.…wow….

That was two months ago and I’ve helped move him from just under 6 inches, to over 7 1/2 inches now!

And I love his new big dick – thank you Ryan!

They’re giving 60% off right now, so don’t kid yourself if you think anything under 7 inches is good enough boys – snap it up too!

Your partner will thank you (secretly probably! lol)

What do my followers think of their penis improvements?….

Love from Kelly and Natasha

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