Who Is Bobby Rio?

Bobby Rio is a famous dating expert and founder of TSBMag.com, the popular men’s lifestyle blog, which provides numerous and useful dating tips for men ranging from how to dress and date to sex advice.

Bobby is also the author of Magnetic Messaging, his latest and arguably most influential and comprehensive work to-date.

Magnetic Messaging gives tips, techniques and nifty texting tricks to men to help them get far in the dating game.

Personal Life of Bobby Rio

Bobby’s real name is Tony Almeida. He was born in the U.S. in 1980 and is 5 feet 9 inches tall. Bobby likes viewing himself as a man of leisure.

He has a particular fondness for Brazil, where he travels frequently to indulge in his favorite pastimes: women, vacation, alcohol, and food.

Pickup Artist Career

Bobby Rio launched TSB Magazine back in 2005 together with a friend Mike Stoute.

Bobby used TSB to put in order all the expertise and information he had gathered to create a dating website where he offers straightforward and candid dating tips.

TSB uses a motivational approach to positive change that can help men improve various facets of their lives including their love lives, wealth, career, and fitness. TSB has been growing since its launch and now offer TSB Mobile App.

He launched a special version of TSB Mag in September of 2013—TSB Hispano. The website provides useful tips found in the English website, as well as a Spanish audience YouTube channel.

Bobby is also the originator of The Social Training Lab, characterized by men learning life’s lessons together by inviting special instructors and guest trainers.

The lab offers much more than pickup advice—it offers life improvement tips to help a man interact better with women.

Bobby Rio has another blog called Make Small Talk Sexy. This blog provides conversation advice and techniques that men should follow when talking to women, as well as provide various products that can help a man improve his social and dating life.

Bobby has also authored several other books including Use These Lines To Flirt With Women, How to turn yourself into a smooth talker, The Secrets of Making Conversation Sexy, and Secrets of Turning a Female Friend Into a Lover.

All these books, like his other works, are all geared towards helping men improve their social lives.

The Magnetic Messaging PDF

Just like the name of the book implies, Magnetic Messaging is a hilarious yet highly practical book that talks about the common mistakes men make when texting women, especially women they have just met and would like to date.

The book is divided into 4 main parts:

Part 1– The Principles of Phone Game—Bobby talks about the initial meeting with a new girl or woman, the phone game and the date by stressing the need for playing it cool and not rushing your fences.
Part 2– You Want to Date Her—Bobby talks about how not to send a girl more than 2 texts if you intend to date her.
Part 3– You’re sort of dating her—Bobby talks about the first stages of dating
Part 4– You are dating her—Bobby talks about how to text a girl when you’ve already started dating

The Magnetic Messaging PDF is the most comprehensive of Bobby’s works because he has leveraged his past works to come up with something really enticing.

It’s interesting to note that Bobby’s works transcend different age groups and appeal to men of all walks of life.

His advice is very practical and can be applied by any man who is willing to make a positive change in his life.

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