PUA Openers: Never Use A Pickup Line Again

It’s no secret, getting somewhere with a beautiful woman can be difficult. In picking up women, the absolute most important part is your initial approach and it all begins with the pickup line.

Your approach sets the stage for the entire rest of your encounter with her.

In fact, your approach is the single most significant factor of whether or not you will be ultimately successful. This is where PUA openers can work magic. A PA opener is more than just a pickup line. It is a strategy, a philosophy, and a state of mind.

I want you to be successful with women, so I am going to walk you through some basic PUA openers with this guide. First, I’ll start with a little background, then we’ll get into the main categories of PUA openers and their advantages and disadvantages.

An Introduction to the PUA Opener

The acronym “PUA” stands for “pick up artist.” The Term “PUA openers” refers to the way a PUA approaches a woman to capture and hold her attention.

“Pick up artist” might sound like a negative term, and yes, PUA strategies can be very powerful. However, PUA techniques are useful for guys with good intentions too. In fact, “nice guys” are the men who benefit most from PUA techniques, because they are guilty of making their interest too obvious.

PUA openers are more effective than traditional pickup lines because they avoid the trap of seeming desperate, which is a trait that is inherently unattractive to women on an instinctive level. These PUA openers will cause you to approach women in a way that best ensures success.

Not Just Another Pickup Line

An important element of PUA openers is that they are not cheesy pickup lines, which are usually  ALWAYS ineffective. If a woman talks to a man who delivers a traditional pickup line, it’s despite the pickup line.

PUA openers, on the other hand, give a guy a chance with a woman even if she would not normally be interested in him. Whereas a pickup line is a sentence or two that is memorized and used for the same woman no matter what, PUA openers are customized to the woman or the situation. This makes them more authentic and spontaneous seeming.

When a woman hears a pickup line, she automatically has a feeling for contempt for the person delivering it. It is such an obvious and low effort attempt to get action, that the woman loses respect for the guy upon hearing it. She might smile and laugh to be polite, but then she will get away from him the second she can.

Women are bombarded by lines like this. However, PUA openers are creative, intriguing, and harder for women to figure out. And most importantly, ironically, these openers feel more like a genuine interaction rather than a game.

If delivered appropriately, these openers will inspire a woman’s trust and get her to have good feelings about you. Once she trusts and opens up to you because of your effective approach, she’ll be open to taking things further.

Guys who use traditional pickup lines, sadly, never get past the approach.

Goals of the Opener

An opener sets the stage of every future interaction you will have with a woman. If you think the sole goal of an opener is to start a conversation, you are setting your sights way too low. There are four main goals of PUA openers:

1. An opener should make you stand out in a good way from all the other guys that have hit on her in the past. This is not difficult, because women are used to hearing the same lame lines all the time. It will be easy for you to stand out if you use these techniques.

2. An opener inspires trust in a woman. This is where a genuine delivery that is customized to the situation is very important.

3. If the woman is with friends or in a group, the opener should engage everyone. Do not just focus on her.

4. An opener lays a good foundation for the future. A good opener ensures she sees you as intriguing and mysterious, yet someone she wants to get to know more. This means when you call or text her, she’ll answer, rather than delete your number.

Categories of Openers

There are a few main categories of openers. Those are, direct PUA openers, indirect opinion openers, gimmick openers, and situational openers. All these categories have advantages and disadvantages. I’ll go over them each in more detail. The best way to figure out what works for you is to try them all out.

Direct PUA Openers

This type of opener has some risks and takes some courage. For one, you display obvious interest, which can always trigger a negative response from women, who typically respond better when they cannot easily ascertain a guy’s level of interest.

The direct opener has some strong advantages too though. You will not waste time if you use a direct opener. You will know within a couple seconds whether or not she is interested.

Another huge advantage is this method is the least likely to result in you ending up in the dreaded “friend zone.” The woman will immediately know your intentions and can explore her interest in you or let you know she is not interested.

There is no grey middle ground which is how the friend zone occurs. If you are her type, and you have made your interest known, she will place you in the “maybe date-able” category from the beginning of your interactions with her.

Remember how one of the goals of the opener is to set the stage for all your future interactions with her? This is an example of how that works.

The worst that can happen is she says “no.” At that point, you haven’t wasted a lot of time or invested much energy in her, so no big deal. With some of the indirect methods, you could spend a ton of time and then realize she just thinks of you as a friend or as entertainment because she is bored.

An example of a direct opener would be: “Hold on, I’m not letting you walk by without saying “hi,”

Indirect Opinion Openers

Indirect opinion openers have their advantages and disadvantages as well. As far as disadvantages, an indirect opener does not make your intention as clear. This means you could end up friend-zoned or spending a lot of time with a girl who actually doesn’t have romantic or sexual interest in you.

Indirect openers also take more creativity and are just all-around more effort. The main advantages of an indirect opinion opener are that these openers take less courage. They feel very natural, because it is the same conversation you could have with basically anyone.

Also, it is fairly easy to get a response and start a dialogue, because women feel compelled to respond to whatever question you have just asked.

However, it can be a little too easy to get a response. A woman might engage in a conversation to be polite. This is one of the best methods for coming across as genuine and gaining a woman’s trust. Because you are asking her opinion, you appear to be interested in her for more than just hooking up. This will separate you from most of the guys talking to her that night.

If you make the subject matter related to romance or dating (without being creepy or too explicit), it can be easier to escalate to more flirtation and decrease the chances of friend zoning because she’ll be in a flirtatious mindset.

For instance, you could ask, “Is kissing cheating?” or “What are the best flowers to give a girl?

Gimmick Openers

This type of opener can get you some great results, but it also comes with its disadvantages as well. One con to this method is it can come across as contrived and not genuine. It can be the most difficult type of opener to gain trust, which is a huge factor in actually getting somewhere with a woman.

She might sense the contriteness of a gimmick approach and put up her defenses. If really done incorrectly, because of the effort involved in a gimmick, you can come across as desperate. That is the absolute last thought you want a woman to have about you. She is biologically programmed to want a successful, leader-type male, not a desperate male that lacks power.

However, done correctly, a gimmick can be very effective at getting attention and sparking a conversation. If done correctly, you can overcome the effect of seeming disingenuous or desperate. You need to carry out the gimmick as though it is just part of your personality.

An example of a gimmick would be performing a magic trick with her. Somehow make it known to her that magic is something you like to do in your spare time. In other words, subtly make it known you didn’t just learn a magic trick to pick up women.

Another challenge of the gimmick approach is you need to have a smooth transition to conversation that leads to picking her up. The gimmick is just an opener, after you have her attention, the conversation needs to be about her and be flirtatious. Don’t just keep talking about the gimmick.

Situational Openers

This is my favorite opener. It is also a challenging opener because it involves being observant of the environment around you and creatively coming up with content with which to approach the girl. It is also harder to come across as unique from other men, because it is common for men to approach women by commenting on a situation.

Also, you need to go through extra steps to ensure your intentions of being interested are known. Otherwise, you are just a guy having a conversation with her.

This method also has a very high risk of being friend zoned if you don’t throw in some flirting quickly. It is the easiest opener to build trust though, which lays a good foundation for the obvious flirting you will do soon after the initial approach.

The reason this builds trust is because your opener could not be rehearsed, because it involves the specific situation you are in at that second with that woman.

The more detailed and unique to the situation your opener is, the more genuine it comes across. This also builds trust because you essentially “share a moment” with the girl. You draw attention to the fact that you are both experiencing a situation at the same time, which is a way of bonding very quickly.

If you can make her laugh, all the better. Women are attracted to guys who make them laugh. Try to comment on the situation at hand in a funny way. An example would be, pointing out something funny about the décor, the music, or maybe the drunken behavior of someone at the bar (as long as it is not her friend).

There you have it, a basic rundown of the types of pua openers. I hope you understand now how important the approach is and that you find yourself having better luck with women. This is just a general taste of these openers, but it is important to actually look up and study the 100s of pua openers out there.

The best way to find what works for you is to try them out.

As a final note, all of these openers are much more effective with confidence. Maintain a confident and friendly attitude. Get in a confident mindset and not nervous.

Women want to be protected on a very basic level. If you seem scared and nervous, a woman will not consider you a suitable protector. This all happens on a sub-conscious level.

With the right attitude, these PUA openers will make you successful with women! Like anything else, it takes work. Practice with women you encounter, even if your not attracted to them. The confidence of practice will pay off when you find one you do like!

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