21 Examples of Bad Tests From Women And How To Respond

In my last article, A Cheat Guide To Womens Tests, we did an introduction to the kinds of tests that you may be presented with during dating and the purpose they serve. In order to get a better idea on how to react, here are a list of shit tests from women and how to respond to them!

1 “We’re not having sex”

Response: “Maybe you’re not, but I am” / “You’re right, you’ll have to wine and dine me first” / “Woah, you’re already thinking about sex with me? I’m not a slut” / “Yeah, sure” (smirk)

2 “Buy me a drink”

Response: “No, but you can buy me one”

3 “I have a boyfriend”

Response: “Aww, you’re in love! When’s the wedding?” / “Nobody’s perfect” / “That’s okay, I don’t get jealous” / “Sorry, he’s not invited”. Here is an entire article I wrote that gives more ideas on how to respond to them!

4 “Are you gay?”

Response: “Yeah, I am. But I need a decoy girlfriend for my parents. That’s where you come in”

5 “I bet you say that to every girl”

Response: “I bet you say that to every guy” / “Yep, and they all love it” / “I’ve never talked to a girl before”

6 “I don’t give out my phone number”

Response: “Okay” [walk away and approach a different girl]

7 “Are you a player?

Response: “At this point I’m more of a coach”

8 “I need to get to know you first”

Response: Deflect/ignore and continue to escalate later.

9 “I don’t hookup” / “I’m not that kind of girl”

Response: “Yeah, sure” (ignore).

10 “You’re too old/young for me”

Response: “I don’t usually go for blondes/[her hair color either], but sometimes I make exceptions”

11 “You’re an asshole”

Response: “Yep, and you love it.”

Failed: “I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to be mean”

12 “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Response: “Why, do you want an audition?” / “I guess another one wouldn’t hurt” / “Yes”

13 “Let’s just be friends”

Response: “I have enough friends” (never be her orbiter. Go find another girl).

14 “You’re too short for me”

Response: “I knew I should have worn my heels”

15 “You look sad” / “Why are you upset?”

Response: “It’s really hard being as attractive as I am”

16 “I don’t sleep with guys on the [1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc] date”

Response: “Neither do I. Most girls don’t get a date”

17 “You’re not my type”

Response: “You’re not my type either. Look, we have something in common”

18 “Give me your number instead”

Response: “Sorry, I don’t give out my number”

19 “Does that work on other girls?”

Response: “Only the hot ones”

20 “How much money do you make?”

Response: “I’m homeless” / “Enough” (NEVER give a real answer)

21 “I’m on my period”

Response: Say nothing, continue to escalate, and try again

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