How To Talk To Everyone You See

Learning how to talk to everyone was the BEST thing that happened to my dating life. On the one hand it made me more outgoing, and the other, gave me the confidence to talk to girls when it mattered. While this might sound like a superpower, it is a skill that can be learned and the sooner you learn it, the sooner you’ll be able to benefit from all the perks.

So…How to start?

The trick to learning how to talk to everyone is to simply let people in to your interior monologue. Everyone. In the elevator, in line at the grocery store, the waiting room, your UBER driver.

I NEVER think in terms of “starting conversations,” but if you hung out with me for a day you would say “wow, that guy starts conversations with everyone he sees!”

When I see a person walking a dog that I think is cute, there is no thinking “should I say something to this person?” because I am already telling them that their dog is cute.

When I see an attractive woman in the bookstore, there is no questioning to myself whether or not I should talk to her, because by that time I am already telling her not to buy that Dave Eggers book because Dave Eggers is a terrible writer.

Can’t think of anything to say? Compliments are always a great way to go! Girls, as well as guys. There is nothing weird about saying “Nice shoes, where’d you get those?” to a guy, as well as a girl. It’s all in the delivery, and you’ll learn to adjust and perfect that over time as you learn how to talk to everyone.

Your confidence should be absolute, because you are simply aware that there are only two possible outcomes to each interaction, both of which are positive:

  • You have a fun chat and never talk to the person again.
  • You have a fun chat and wind up developing a relationship with the person and getting the opportunity to make their lives more awesome.

There is simply no negative scenario that can occur!

The other thing this will do for your game, is change the way you approach women. When you get used to making casual conversation with strangers, and one of those strangers happens to be a beautiful girl, it comes across much more natural to make conversation than doing a cold approach and trying a pick up line.

Take your Skill of learning how to talk to everyone to the next level

Once you get started in small talk, take it to the next level! Bobby Rio can come off as a little cheesy at some times, but his material is actually pretty good!

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