5 Things You Don’t Realize Make You Attractive

Have you wondered why most of our high school studs and beauties lose their charm over time? While teenagers go gaga over good-looks, adults need more than the grooming sessions to be attractive and turn around for a double-take.

Spending hours of grooming sessions to be attractive and looking into the mirror, again and again, is not a female-only habit. Contrary to popular belief, men are equally, if not more are look conscious like women. But did you know your looks has got nothing to do with your attractiveness factor?

Oh yes! It may appear weird that even though looks seem to be the first attention gaining point, it seldom is the sole point needed to be attractive. However, first impressions are important or should say very important as, according to a survey, they tend to be making a lasting impact on the perceiver’s mind. 

Although, you must be regularly thinking of “how to be attractive when you’re not good looking» you might be overlooking your strong points. Thus, instead of swimming in the sea of insecurities, learn about the five things you don’t realize makes you attractive.

Look for the signs mentioned-below, and build that confidence up because hey, haven’t you heard, – “There is nothing more attractive than Confidence”?

Are Strangers Doing Double-Takes On You?

Notice when people double-take you. While beauty is a common factor for attraction, it is also usual and usual is boring. Things like smart attire, hearty laughter, or even as weird as your leaning posture can be your answer to ‘how to be attractive to girls.’

When anything apart from your look stands out, onlookers get confused and double-take, trying to understand- what is it that’s grabbing their attention. Thus, consider double-takes as a sign, and start counting them to boost your confidence and be attractive (that is more than what you already are)!

Are You Intimidating People?

Introverts tend to go awkward at times, and if you are thinking ‘can awkwardness be attractive,’ then the answer is a big NO. However, if you are the one who is witnessing changing and awkward behavior from people, then doubting yourself should be the last thing you must do.

Because many tend to become intimidated by people whom they feel attracted to. A powerful aura or a care-free attitude can be attractive to many, making it difficult for people to concentrate, resulting in awkwardness. Next time you make people lose their concentration, don’t forget to notice the hidden blush on their faces. 

Is Your Need To Be Attractive Coming From Fewer Compliments?

Getting fewer compliments should nowhere lead you to search ‘how to be attractive to men.’ Women may feel bad if they don’t get complimented for their efforts to get all dolled-up.

While it may seem hurtful, people don’t compliment that they find you beautiful no matter what. It is often a scenario when it is more than the looks that make you attractive. Thus, instead of getting dolled up, dress up to enhance your personality.

How To Be Attractive When Short?

Although tall men and women are more attractive, there is no reason to believe that short height means no dates. Your body language can change your game. According to a psychologist, it is the availability that serves to be the most attractive point in a person, not height.

Traits like skin show, open torso, starting a conversation hints towards availability. Creating a profile on an online dating website by taking help from https://datingreviewer.net/ is another way of showing your availability. And the best part? The dating sites help you connect with the right people for who you are without being attractive.

Did You Know That The Secret To Be Attractive Is A Sexy Personality?

But the question is how to be an attractive personality? It is where the harsh reality comes in. The importance of beauty in life tends to lose its importance over time; the factors that make be attractive with your personality is Intelligence, Confidence, and Success.

If you are still in doubt, check out the fan following the top bachelor entrepreneurs today, they may not be the best looking out there, but the craze around them won’t let you believe that. Period. So, which do you think is the most attractive thing about you then?


Have you ever wondered why most of our high school studs and beauties don’t continue to be the most wanted men and women? The reason is simple, while teenagers go gaga over good looking faces, adults need more than the grooming sessions to be attractive.

And unfortunately, none of those reasons have got anything to do with your genes. In short, polishing yourself as an individual for a better personality and character is the only way to be attractive, irrespective of your genes.

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