Men – How To Write Online Dating Profiles That Will Get Responses

Never underestimate the power of a good, well written profile on a dating site to appeal to women and hopefully result in your inbox filling up with interested responses from females!

That’s because using the right dating profile can get you some real results, with the least amount of effort.

But oh my goodness, most guys efforts at writing online profiles that will attract women, are bordering on hopeless. Quite simply, most guys are clueless at what to write to really catch the attention of women online.

Guys Are At An Advantage – Yes Really!

Here’s the interesting thing, guys are actually at an advantage, yet they don’t realise it – because unlike most males, females actually look much deeper than physical looks.

Thankfully (for a lot of men) they choose their mates based less on their physical appearance, placing more emphasis on what qualities they possess!

If a woman thinks your profile is witty, clever or otherwise intriguing, she will likely respond to you, despite the fact your looks maybe don’t set her heart racing.

So despite this advantage men have in the online dating environment, you would be surprised how many men can’t string a few decent sentences together, in order to grab a woman’s attention on a dating site.

At the bottom of this list of the clueless, are the morons who actually think that sending a picture of their penis will somehow set the woman’s heart racing and she will immediately reply to them.

If you are one of those losers, let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth – 99.9% of the female recipients will stick you on the good old block list immediately.

These are the men (mostly young guys) who are utterly clueless when it comes to attracting females on a dating site . So I trust if you are reading this, that please god, hopefully you are a level above that type of Neanderthal behaviour.

If you’re looking for profile examples that will get hearts racing in anticipation of a date, look no further – I have the advice all right here for you!

What’s Your Goal Here?

Before you start picking out those scenic shots or the ones of you majestically holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you first need to decide what sort of women you’re looking to attract. Are you looking for a quick hook-up (or three)? Are you searching for love? You can also find help from online dating coaches to help you achieve the kind of relationship you want

These days, when it comes to online dating sites, you can be as specific as you want to be. Want to limit your search to farmers only? That’s a possibility!

Once you know what type of date you want, you can then look at creating the type of profile that will draw in the ladies to your door.

Express Yourself

You only get one chance to make a first impression online so make sure you really express yourself with it.

The best online dating profile examples to attract women are those that show someone’s unique side – if you’re funny, post yourself in a humorous situation or pose.

Women love a sense of humour in a man, its continually one of the traits they rate the highest – so use your profile to write as funny a profile as you possibly can.

If you’re stuck for which direction you want to take, put aside some time to scroll through other people’s profiles. Why not create a quick female profile – you don’t need to put a lot of effort into it – and explore what other males in your area are offering?

When someone catches your eye (in a good way), take a few minutes to really inspect what drew your eye and try to follow suit.

Be Friendly

No matter how common online dating has become, you need to remember that it’s still daunting, especially for women who are used to being very protective over who they meet. Friendliness can come across in your photos or the descriptions on your profile.

Love animals? Share a photo of you with your best bud. Have nephews and nieces? Let the world know. These small insights into your life can make someone feel a lot more comfortable meeting you.

Getting the Perfect Profile Photo

Not everyone photographs well – you might look charming in person, but if you look like the Hillside Strangler in a photo, you’re likely not going to get a lot of matches.

The most common mistake that people make in their profile photos is that they stare at the camera and smile. The best photo, according to the experts, is an action shot where you’re doing something you enjoy.

This could be skateboarding, playing football or cycling – it’s up to you.

Cut Out the Slang

Very few women enjoy being referred to as “miss thang” “Darlin’ “or being told that “ur hot”. If you wouldn’t say it to someone in real life, don’t say it to someone online. That includes asking people for “nudes” off the bat.

The best online dating profile examples to attract women go much deeper than the initial profile photo – they extent to the way you describe yourself and how you communicate with women.

Always use full sentences and try to leave the cheesy pickup lines to 90’s romantic film leads.

Spare the Filters

Filters are very popular in online dating sites but this also means that you’re never really sure what the person you’re interested in looks like in real life.

A profile photo needs to be flattering, sure, but your date should be able to recognise you if you end up meeting in real life.

It can be really appealing trying to increase your numbers by filtering out all those imperfections, but you’ll find it hard to make the date stick later if they realize you’ve been lying to them.

Be a Woman for a Day!

This might not seem like a very good idea at first, but when it comes to the world of online dating, nothing will teach you how to stand out better than being at the other end of the receiving line.

By setting up a female profile and seeing how guys interact with you, you’ll see how common it is for women to get hit up with cheap, pathetic one liners and barraged with the all too common unsolicited dick pic.

It’s very common and scary how absolutely clueless some men are at attracting a mate

Ultimately, you’re not trying to catfish some poor sap with this technique – you’re just trying to find out how to set yourself apart from all of them.

The best online dating profile examples to attract women aren’t those that will help you to bring up your numbers – they should help you attract what you’re searching for online.

Whether that’s a fun experience or the love of your life, a profile done right, sets you apart from the rest of the sites losers and puts you on the right track for success.

So use some of these tips to set yourself apart in the online dating world!

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