Highly Effective Body Language That Attracts Women

What makes body language that attracts women so important in the dating world? Communication is, without a doubt the biggest factor when it comes to approaching and attracting women.

Well, isn’t communication how we talk to other people? Yes it is but about 90% of our communication is done without even saying a word.

Majority of what we communicate doesn’t even come from our mouths. It’s all in the nonverbal cues. This justifies the importance of getting to know a few tips on body language to attract women.

Even when we aren’t talking, we are always sending signals. People, especially women, subconsciously pick up on these signals.

For instance, if you are lost and see a man by the street, hands in his pocket and head down, are you likely to approach him or would you rather ask for direction from someone with his or her head held up high.

Most people would choose the latter option. That is exactly my point.

Body language often requires small changes. Making some of these changes can be tricky but through some effort and practice, you will easily become a natural.

Let’s consider a few body language secrets I use to give me an upper edge in attracting women.


How you move tells a lot about your level of confidence. A nervous guy will tend to be jerky and fidgety. That said, you need to exude confidence. Make controlled movements.

Rarely will you see a confident man fidgeting with fingers or walking about restless. Slow down your movement as it sends a message that you are in control of the situation and presenting a comfortable version of yourself.

Approaching women is definitely easier if you at least appear to be composed and when you use the right body language that attracts women, you’ll see results faster than you’d expect.

Eye contact

Unlike most men, you should probably make enough eye contact and this is the type of body language that attracts women.

Look her in the eye when talking to her. But don’t stare, that will just scare her away. You work on that simple body language trick and you will be surprised at the progress you can make.

Lean back and relax

When seated up, lean back and relax. The main idea is to let yourself be as comfortable as you can. Sitting forward with your arms folded can send the message that you are a shy guy and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Doing so also makes you look closed off. Simply let your arms hang down by your side. It’s open body language that attracts women.

Take up more space

Always take up more space. Say if you’re sitting in a lobby, lean back. This is something people will notice subconsciously and assume you are the alpha male in the room.

You also look more fun and laid back. In the long run, taking up more space will work to your advantage when attracting women. If you are seated in a chair, sit back be asymmetric.

This means that your shoulders shouldn’t be square but rather comfortably tilted.  If you are too symmetric, you come across as stiff and uncomfortable.


Most men ignore their angles when talking to women. Ignoring angles can work against you. When talking to a lady at first, have your body partly facing away from her, at an angle. This will make her feel more comfortable.

Facing her squarely may make her feel locked in and uneasy. Once you start talking, turn towards her and then turn away. This simple body language trick can make things a lot easier when talking to women.

Act indifferent

You don’t want to show too much emotion at any given point in time. It makes you seem as if you aren’t in control of the situation.

Acting indifferent makes you look calm and confident. It makes you look like you are in charge and this is the type of body language that attracts women.

If you ever want to create attraction with women, it’s great to show that you are in control of your life and the situation around you.

Open yourself up

Keeping your hands open and palms out and your shoulders held back and apart is one great way to show confidence.

If you cross your arms when approaching women, you don’t look collected. It’s more about portraying the image that you are the man that owns the room.


There is nothing more warm and inviting than a smile. In fact, a smile is what sells what you have to say.

It’s an invaluable tool in your body language kit for attracting women. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, who says you can’t practice in front of the mirror?

Spare some time to practice and create that natural killer smile that will have women hanging around you and letting you get away with saying or doing just about anything.


We all know that confidence is the big lady killer when it comes to attracting women. There are plenty of ways to project your confidence but good posture is one of the best.

The trick is to relax your arms and shoulders and keep your back straight. This is important because it makes you look like you know exactly what you’re doing. Take control of the room by straightening your posture.


Tone may not seem like anything to do with body language, but there is nothing further from the truth. In fact, it’s as much body language as the aforementioned cues.

The trick here is to avoid either talking too fast or too slow. People who talk fast look like they are nervous. On the other hand, talking too slow makes you seem shy.

Relax and speak with a regular pace. This will make you come across as an authority and in control. It also makes it easier for people to understand you, especially in a loud environment.


Touch is the transition that will take you to the next level with your body language. This doesn’t mean that you should make her feel uncomfortable but know where and when to touch.

It’s okay to touch a woman in safe spots such as her upper back or arms or hands when talking to her. Give her a hug, high fives and put your arms around her shoulders for a few seconds.

Once you have talked for a few minutes, treat yourself as friends and not strangers.

Follow these tips and you’ll master the body language that attracts women! Good luck!

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