What It Takes To Become A Master Seducer

Defining what game really is how to become a master seducer and are majors dilemma for most people.

The truth is that game is a very illusive concept.

For instance, just because you know a few dozen routines or a hundred different openers doesn’t really mean you have game.

In fact, there are plenty of guys out there who don’t know any routines or openers yet they have more game than half of today’s pick up artists combined.

You have game when you can successfully open, attract, build comfort and seduce a lady.

That’s how you become a master seducer. Complex definitions full of theories and jargon, as is the case in the pickup community are not so important.

Can you open?

Opening is the first step of the seduction process. If you can’t open a woman there are very low chances that you can attract her. And if you are unable to attract her, you really can’t seduce her.

Ask yourself this question: can you walk up to a woman you have never met before- without freezing up, chickening out, making her want to throw whatever she’s holding at you- and engage her in an interaction that will make her curious about you?

If you can’t, then you, my friend, are lacking in the first and most crucial component of great game.

There’s no need to lose hope. The entire thing is a learning process. If you are new to this you will probably freeze up, chicken out and probably get blown out in a very humiliating way at start.

But that’s just the beginning of the learning process. Don’t give up just yet and treat every interaction as an opportunity to learn how to become a master seducer.

Practice. Practice. Practice. There is no substitute for the confidence that comes from being able to talk to women anywhere.

There is no substitution for not getting scared of getting shut down – it takes years of practice, i know…

Before you even realize, you will be able to open any woman in any given situation.

Can you create attraction?

If you are talking to a woman and you slowly feel her interest declining, it’s often as a result of a failure to build attraction and keep things moving towards a sexual or romantic outcome.

You see, most attractive women have in no time to start making friends with every guy who approaches them.

Well, some may be nice and polite, but there are high chances that she will get bored and move on if you fail to man up and keep things moving forward.

It doesn’t matter if you are good at opening and starting up a conversation with a woman.

If you can’t build attraction and move the interaction forward, you are missing out on a very important component of game and you won’t become a master seducer.

A girl will only feel comfortable enough to go home with you if she can trust you and she has rapport with you.

You can build trust by letting her see how you treat people around you. You can build rapport by finding things you have in common and are both passionate about.

Can you become a master seducer?

The biggest components in picking are opening and seduction. To be honest, it really doesn’t amount to much if you can open, attract, build comfort but you are unable to seduce her.

This is the last component of great game. Without this, the other aspects of game are useless.

Game is not a routine but a state of mind. Confidence is therefore the most important factor towards great game.

And the only way to develop confidence is by being competent at it by learning the four aspects of game mentioned above.

This article is not aimed at teaching you great game. Its main emphasis is in highlighting the importance of analysing your game in terms of opening skills, ability to build attraction, comfort building abilities and seduction techniques and work on areas you may be lacking in.

That is the secret to truly having game – it’s when you know you’ve become a master seducer. There’s no need to memorize any of this.

There are plenty of ways you can transform yourself into a natural and truly become the man you want to be, without much of a hassle.

I hope you’ve found this post useful. There’s a great product that goes more in-depth about opening and seduction and it’s actually really good.

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