Should I Ask Her Out? How To Tell If She’s Interested In You

Should i ask her out answering the question “should I ask her out” can be tough. It can often be surprisingly difficult to tell if a woman is really interested in you, and there are few things more embarrassing than asking her out and hearing a resounding no.

Of course, it happens to the best of us, so don’t feel bad.

If you are asking yourself should I ask her out, you can use body language signs to help you make the right decision.

Most of us use body language and gestures to indicate our meaning or intentions without even being consciously aware that we’re doing it; for example most of us know that folded arms can be a sign of defensiveness.

Use those same clues to get a feel for how she is feeling, whether it’s a girl you just met or someone you’ve worked with for years.

Look At Her Face, Eyes and Hair

In fact, women have at least 50 body language signs that show they are interested in a man, many of them centered around the face and hair.

If she plays with her hair, it’s a sure sign she is interested in you, and this can include running a hand through her hair, moving it to expose her ear, or simply playing with a strand of it.

Playing with the hair or flicking it also exposes the neck, another well known erogenous zone.

A woman who fancies you also tends to blink quickly and more often than normal, as well as raise her eyebrows a lot.

Prolonged eye contact or dilated pupils also mean that she’s into you – have you ever wondered why low lighting in restaurants is considered to be romantic?

Look for fidgeting with her lips, or licking her lips a lot; women do this when they are interested, partly to attract attention to their lips and partly because a woman’s mouth gets dry when she’s excited.

Parted lips, along with the chin lifted up often means that a woman is ready and wanting to be kissed. If she puts on lipstick while you’re watching, it’s often a sign that she fancies you.

Although it sounds obvious, if a woman laughs and giggles a lot when she’s around you, she either likes you or finds you funny.

Perhaps both. Of course, we all know that women like a sense of humour in men, and that really is one of the things that they look for.

Pointing, Playing and Posture

You can also get a good idea of whether a woman likes you by how she is sitting or standing, and whether she is invading that personal space that we all have and are all subconsciously aware of.

If she is leaning in towards you, she may well be interested; if she touches you when there is no need to do so, she’s almost definitely into you.

Look for touching your arm or leg, and letting her hand linger there. Another promising sign is crossed legs, especially if she is pointing one of her feet or knees directly at you.

Many women also copy the posture of a man they like; in other words, she may sit or stand in the same way that you are doing.

If she is playing slowly or thoughtfully with an object such as a pencil, wine glass, sunglasses or her jewelry, you can probably go ahead and ask her out.

Running her fingers up and down the stem of a wine glass has obvious sexual connotations, especially if done slowly, and playing with her lips with a pen or pencil typically means that she wants you to kiss her.

Also look for a woman who dangles her shoe on her foot in your direction; she is subconsciously asking you to take the shoe off, along with other things.

Tapping her foot up and down is even better, although if she’s doing it too quickly, she may be impatient or agitated.

She probably likes you if she touches her neck, wrists or thighs – all erogenous zones on women.

So Should I Ask Her Out?

So if you are out on that date, or have your eye on that girl in accounting, you may be able to answer the question of should I ask her out, by looking for some of the body language signs above.

Of course, we are all different, but most of us are giving out these and other signals to the opposite sex without even realizing that we’re doing it.

Knowing what to look for can make your dating life so much easier and can even mean that rejections are a thing of the past.

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